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By Curtis Jackson D.M.
(Doctor of Metaphysics)

~Secret Knowledge~
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The information contained in the "Solar Akasha" is verifiable by anyone willing to master the language of light. (The Akasha is a cinematic like record written in time. The "Akashic records" is usually a reference to the Planetary Akasha, and not the Solar Akasha.) I am convinced that Stellar bodies may communicate in the language of light. This form of communication might seem a bit primitive compared to our modern day systems, but its impact upon our understanding of creation and our place in it, is astounding. Our Star has a particular “code” it sends out in the form of light with which it quite possibly “communicates” with other Stars. Once this code is understood, all the information about the Star and its Solar system can also be easily understood. For example, that our Star has nine planets in its immediate solar system, and that sentient forms of life are found on the third Planet, is one such piece of information.
Think what we could learn from the light sent from other Stars throughout our Galaxy if we could similarly decode their messages.

Early in my studies of the Solar Akasha I was dismayed to find a huge discrepancy between what I was finding, and what was currently believed about the "Order of the Ages" as they occur in the Earths’ 26,000 year cycle. At first I believed that somehow I was misinterpreting what I was learning from the Solar Akasha. After checking and rechecking my results, it gradually began to dawn on me that a gross misunderstanding of the order of the Ages may have slipped into the system. If this were true, it was most likely done by the Greeks under Ptolemy (AD c.100). Of the 88 currently recognized constellations, 48 have come from the listing of this ancient astronomer. The remainder were added by subsequent astronomers to fill in the areas omitted by the Greeks. I began to realize that the order of the Ages might have to be corrected to reflect the linear (stair-step) order we find in the spectrum of white light. I set to work to revise the "order of the Ages", more as an exercise to see where it led, rather than as a major correction. It was frightening, (and a bit embarrassing), to believe that I alone had stumbled upon such a glaring mistake. I almost wished that I was wrong so as not to be burdened with such a monster.

As my studies expanded I became more and more excited. What had been a confusing jumble was all suddenly falling into place. Each piece of the puzzle fit exactly into its proper notch. Although it may not be clear to you why these changes were necessary or important, they are of vital importance to understanding the synchronisity of our nature in relation to (at least) our solar system, and perhaps to the Universe itself.

Below is a chart showing the revised, "Order of the Ages", compared to the existing order. (This chart is the key to understanding the necessary changes that were made. Please note this page for future reference.) What the chart shows is the order of the 12 "Ages" as is currently believed. Next to each Age is the actual Age I believe it to be. For example, at the top of the chart we see "Taurus" under the "Current" list. Across from Taurus we see "Aries" under the "Revised" list. Look down the Current list until you see "Aquarius". This is the name of the Age we are supposed to be just entering. Across from Aquarius we see "Capricorn". This means that if the information contained here is correct, then we have just entered the Age of Capricorn rather than the Age of Aquarius.
When I substituted the revised version of the Zodiacal names of the Ages, using the Age of Virgo to replace the Age of Pisces, I found that the Age occurring just before the Age of Virgo, (in the revised order), was the Age of Taurus (circa 2000 BC). I researched as much of the history as I could find of these remote ages, looking for any hint to back up my theory. The clues were admittedly sparse, but I have listed some of what seem like possible connections.

According to my findings, substituting the revised order in place of the old order, The age of Taurus, (formerly Aries), marked, what I perceived to be, the beginning of the "Dark Ages". The Age before that was the Age of Aries, (circa 4000 BC), (formerly the age of Taurus). Aries was, in Egypt, apparently an Age of Sun worship. In our present day understanding of the Signs of the Zodiac, Aries is a dynamic and fiery "Sun" sign, whereas Taurus is known as a more plodding and staid "Earth" sign. It follows that Aries would more likely represent an Age of Sun worship, whereas Taurus represents the most "earth bound" of the Earth signs, and consequently, a much denser Age than that of Aries. In Egypt the Sun was represented by a circle with a dot in the middle. This stood for Ra, the Sun-God, which was worshiped as the principal God of that time. I believe this to be a valid clue, strongly indicating that Aries would be the more likely candidate over Taurus.

Conversely, by substituting the 'Age of Taurus' for the 'Age of Aries', we find a similar correspondence. The original Age of Aries, in Egypt, was represented by moses, (who was most likely the Avatar of that Age), and the worship, (by the people), of golden calf's, which would, (to my mind at least), more befit Taurus, whose animal representation is, in fact, the Bull.

It is interesting, if not chillingly uncanny, to note how we, as Human Beings, seem to be psychically influenced by the physical characteristics of the Ages, without consciously knowing what those characteristics should be.

I eventually had to take time to review what I had found, and was staggered by the shear amount of correlated information that was being revealed to me. As a long time metaphysician, I was able to put together what I was seeing with what I had learned over the years of previous study. What I saw confirmed what many had surmised but could not prove. I was beginning to see identical duplicate patterns in the Solar system, and in the "Ages" of Earth, as well as in the human psyche. It seemed that everything was somehow intimately interrelated and consequently in resolute conjunction with the same laws of creation that formed our solar system. I eagerly set out to correlate as much of the information as I possibly could.


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