An Email To Kim

In response to your questions about what happens to the "personality," when it dies? Much has been written about what happens to the Soul, after the personality dies, but little, if anything, about the Johns, or the Susans, or Curtis's or the Kims. What happens to us, when we die? Do we just fade away into oblivion, as a discarded, unimportant event, or is there something else in store for us. Is there actually a purpose and a direction for each of us, no matter how badly our particular lifetime has gone, or, how wonderfully, that is entirely different from that of our Soul? And if so, as I believe it is, what is it?
As concerns what happens to the personality when it dies. Basically, as I understand it, the physical world is a nursery for new Souls.

A new Soul, progresses from one lifetime to another, over vast amounts of time. It finally reaches a point where it no longer wishes to incarnate. There is, at this momentous time, a metamorphic change, from Soul, to "Oversoul."

As an Oversoul, it is free to tend to its past incarnations, like a mother hen tends to her eggs.
Each previous lifetime, is preserved in the past, repeating exactly, word for word, action for action, what happened. This preservation and repetition, can go on for any length of time, without ever degenerating.

At the moment the original Soul, goes on to any next incarnation, there is something called a "Residual Soul," who stays with the personality, and repeats the lifetime, over and over again.
The Residual Soul, has no idea that it is stuck, along with its personality, in a miniature time loop.
Each time it would normally proceed on to the next incarnation, it slips back into the beginning of the previous lifetime, experiencing the new born personality. Because the specific information of events and circumstances are contained in the physical mind of the physical body, the Residual Soul has no means of ever finding out that it is repeating the same lifetime.
The purpose of this preservation of each and every lifetime, no matter how awful or wonderful, is to provide raw material for new Souls.


The Oversoul, which I am calling the "TTO," ("Time Traveling Oversoul,") looks all along the original time line, at all of its previous lifetimes, for signs of maturity. It is able to do this because it now operates outside of linear-time, in "non-linear time," where everything that has happened in linear time, appears as happening all at once. Each lifetime experience is neatly compartmentalized in separate miniature time loops, so it is easy for the TTO to function in the way that it does, with perfect understanding of the process, much as a mother hen might understand the need for her eggs to hatch.

When the TTO, finds a suitable "candidate" lifetime, it contacts the Residual Soul, of that particular lifetime, and re-educates it, until it, (the Residual Soul,) has the understanding of what has happened, and what is needed to be done now.
The Residual Soul, in turn, begins to re-educate its personality.
This re-education process of the personality, is necessarily slow, to prevent the personality form going insane. If the personality does go insane, this is not a problem, because when the lifetime begins its next repetition, the Residual Soul, begins again, with retention of its previous mistakes. The temporary thread, on which the personality went insane, is sloughed off, so this kind of mistake or learning process for the Residual Soul is never a problem for the original time line.

When the education process reaches a certain point, the Residual Soul absorbs the personality, until they are one. This is done with full cooperation of the personality, and in fact, is the result of successful re-education of the personality, and an act of completely letting go of its sovereignty. This is upside down from the original relationship, where the personality is the focal point, and the Residual Soul is the experiencer. After successful re-education, the Residual Soul becomes the focal point, and the personality is absorbed as a necessary flavoring, lending itself to a metamorphic change, that is then brought about by the effort of the TTO. To the personality, it will seem that it has become so enlightened that it has, in deed, become its Residual Soul. This transfiguration is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and momentous time in the life of the personality, the culmination and apex of all its effort.
It is then, that the trinity of, personality, Residual Soul, and a part of the TTO, merge into the birth of a new Soul. This process, somehow, adds to the evolution of the TTO, who continues the process until every personality/Residual Soul combination is transformed into fledgling Souls.

When a new Soul is formed, it is at a level, I am calling, "Time Lord." As a new Time Lord, it enjoys immortality, in a construct or place, that is perfect, along with other Time Lords.
We, as personalities, experience the same process, that is immortality, but at a much slower rate, where we actually experience the birthing and dying process. A Time Lord, or Soul, although it has the same living and dying process going on within it, as does the personality, never actually experiences it, because the process happens so quickly, hence, immortality.

So different is existence in the place of perfection, which I am calling the "Super Reality," that there is no parallel here to explain it, except that it is exceedingly beautiful and perfect in all ways. (Out of necessity, I have avoided "trigger words," inventing new words in their place. This is to avoid predetermined ideas that are triggered by the trigger word.)

It appears that the Time Lord, has a choice of remaining a Time Lord, to enjoy "life" with other Time Lords, or it can, at some time, choose to re-enter the physical realm, which I am calling the "Microsecond of Chaos," and continue as a new Soul, until it reaches a point where it will become a TTO, and start the process all over again. Each lifetime, of each Soul, is a necessary piece of the fabric of creation in the realm of perfection. This means that no personality/Residual Soul, no matter how terrible that lifetime was, will be left out!

The Microsecond of Chaos, was formed when the Creator, originally created "reality." Its' creation was perfect in every way, but it took a microsecond of time to go from nothing, to its perfected form. It is this microsecond of Chaos, in which we find ourselves today, slowly working our way towards our birthright, that of becoming Gods and Goddesses. Because of the Law-of-Free-Will, how long, or by what labyrinthine route we take, is up to us. It is this very thing that makes each lifetime experience unique.

The period of time, when the Residual Soul, begins the re-education process of the personality, certain necessary changes from the original time line will occur. I am calling the personality, in this state of change, a "time-lord," (without capitalization.) This can be an exciting period of time, when the personality begins acting differently than it did originally. These actions, begin new threads continuing off from the original life time, which is still struggling to maintain its integrity.
It is during this time, that a time-lord may influence other personalities, helping them to come into a level of time-lord, but undoubtedly with the help, and at the insistence, of those personalities,' Residual Souls.

This is just a thumb-nail sketch of what I believe to be happening. If you are interested, I would be willing to fill in the blanks, through a question and answer format.


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