(Unlike most other Offers to get rid of SpywareQuake, this one is absolutely FREE,
and without Strings of any kind, and is provided as a Public Service.)

This webpage was created to help users remove SpywareQuake from their systems. Please note that we are not associated with SpywareQuake.com or its software. (Please read the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page, before proceeding.) Thank you.

Do you have a Virus Warning on your desktop, that when you click on it, you are taken to the SpywareQuake.com website? This is a False Warning, from a Malicious Malware, Trojan Virus, that hijacks your desktop, and then offers to get rid of it for Fifty bucks!
People are screaming like mad, but there seems no easy fixes.
Here are the steps I took to get rid of it in under five minutes.

Do a search using "Regedit." This can be safe and easy if you follow my directions below.
(It would be a good idea to print these instructions out, for easy access.)
1.) In Windows, click on the Start Button, left lower corner.
2.) Click on the Run Icon.
3.) Type in regedit
4.) Click OK

This will take you into the Registry Editor. (It is important to do only as instructed!!!)
Next, do the following;

1.) Click on Edit, up at the top.
2.) In the Drop Down Menu, Click on Find
3.) In the space provided, type in SmitFrau
(If nothing is listed, then exit the Editor, and email me. There are a list of other Names SpywareQuake uses. I will provide you with what I have.)
4.) This will take you to a section with a list of items.
5.) Remove anything to do with SmitFrau, SpywareQuake, SpyQuake, Actual Spy, spywarequakeinstaller.exe, spywarequake.exe, etc.
Leave everything else alone! If you are not sure, do not delete it!
(6A.) Go back up to the Editor, and click on Edit. Now click on Find Next. (If there are no more references, Skip 6B.)
(6B.)repeat steps 4 through 5, until there are no more references to Smitfrau.

Next, Click on File, in the upper left hand corner, and in the dropdown menu, Click on Exit.
Now, run your regular Virus Removal Software, and it should detect traces of the SpywareQuake Malware, and easily remove them.
At this point, check to see if the Virus Alert is gone?

DISCLAIMER! If you do exactly as instructed, you won't have any problems. But since I can't be responsible for everyone's actions, I must say that I am not responsible for any damage done to your computer using my suggestions! Use these suggestions at your own risk!

Send me an email and let me know how well this works for you. Since there are several different names for the SpywareQuake Malware, your's might not be currently known to me. I will see what I can do with the information you provide.