As war heats up, once again, in the Middle East, is there a Metaphysical solution, that can conceivably resolve these conflicts, once and for all? I believe there is. But first, we need to take a cool dispassionate look at the problem.

The Ages of the world, each lasting two thousand years, hold differing spiritual lessons. Each places us upon an ascending level of spiritual understanding, and maturity. The farther back we go, the more antagonistic and immature the people were, because this reflected the spiritual lessons at hand.

Six thousand years ago, human sacrifice was common. The people feared their concept of their Gods, and sought to please them. The worship of certain human beings, (Pharaohs, etc.), was also in vogue.

Four thousand years ago, we slowly changed from the old ways, under Moses, as the Avatar of the next two thousand year period, and moved into the concept of worshiping one God, and the falling away from “Man worshiping Man.” The old testament, was fraught with revenge, an “eye for eye,” sort of spiritual immaturity, that resulted in many hundreds of years of war and bloodshed, that continue to this day.

The two thousand years just ending, was focused upon love, and getting along with your neighbor, and a pulling away from the spiritual immaturity of the previous two thousand years. This was under the Avatar Jesus. The lesson was one of perseverance through the spiritual ignorance of the previous two thousand years, and eventually achieving a spiritually civilized world.

This, obviously, didn’t occur, and now we are starting brand new lessons, that assume success from the previous two millennia. What happened? Why didn’t this work in the way it was supposed to?

Without pointing fingers, or getting into sensitive religious issues, I will simply say, that a majority of the world didn’t accept the lessons laid down in the last two thousand years. This places the majority of the world in the seemingly irreconcilable position of endless war, lasting into the millennia to follow, and most likely, for all the foreseeable future!

Who are these people? They number in the billions, from many nations. They are not at fault. Their spiritual leaders are misguided, and have misinterpreted the lessons of the Ages.

These billions, unless their religious leaders suddenly have spiritual epiphanies, have little choice of affecting the necessary change, in order to bring them in the new spiritual Age, just beginning. An Age where war is unthinkable, and the welfare of all Earths people is paramount.

Is there a solution? Yes, of course, but not a particularly simple one. The solution entails spiritual core change and enlightenment of billions of people. How can such a vast undertaking even begin, let alone succeed, especially in the Avatarless Age, just beginning?

Spiritual education is one way, but since few even know of the lessons of the Ages, or believe they have a problem, this will take a lot of time and work. Some believe, that those stuck in the past, two or four thousand years ago, should quickly progress through the lessons, until they arrive in present time.

To me, this seems worse than an impossible undertaking, with so many fervent followers of the old ways. I have spent my life looking for a better solution to this particular world problem. Some of you have seen the solution spelled out on my website, Time Travelers Org.

I certainly don’t claim to be anyone special, but perhaps, more like the one-eyed man in the land of the blind. I am not fanatically proselytizing salvation, but rather, a sharing some of what I have found in my fifty years of studying the problem, and its solution. In other words, I will lay out the solution as simply as I can, and then, it is up to you, to decide whether it applies to you or not, an if it does, whether you are willing incorporate it into your daily spiritual life.



What I propose is, to by pass the lessons for the last two thousand years, and jump into the lessons for the next two thousand. Put bluntly, whether you are spiritually based, two or four thousand years in the past, to forgo your spiritual beliefs, and assume a new spiritual position in the new lessons. (Those base in the two thousand years just ending, are in the correct spiritual position on the current time line.)

If you are interested, I am in the process of simplifying the lessons in the “Course in Time Travel,” and move to specifically address the current solution.

If you look within, and find you are old testament, or have a religion that is other than old testament, but is from the same time period, then you may find a deep longing for change. If so, drop me a line, at;


If I there are enough people interested, I would be willing to start free online classes. I don’t know how long I will remain on the material plane, or how long the Time Travelers website will be operational, (ten years to date), so it might be wise, not to procrastinate.

It is my hope to help make a better world for all of our children, and their children.

Thank you for your interest,