When each new Age begins, new information presents itself. Invariably, the new information conflicts with the old, and the old guard fights to keep the old information in place, rather than acquiescing to the new. Human nature being what it is, there is a tendency to simply rename the old information, calling it new.
This is a natural and understandable reaction, but eventually, the old guard must ether stand down, or learn the new lessons. This is the way it has been, during each of the three previous early Ages of this current cycle that began six thousand years ago.
Each new Avatar, has the same problems with trying to bring the new information into being. Although, this new Age is Avatar-less, the problem remains, and in fact, is even more difficult because of there being no powerful central figure, from whom we can learn, and study, as the life of the Avatar, unfolds the Age long lesson.

I have provided some basic information below, that will help establish certain necessary facts, as background, in case you have not studied the Time Travelers Tenets. At first glance, the information may not seem like such an important thing, however, I assure you that for you to progress in your spiritual understanding of where you are and what is happening to you, it is very important to at least understand the basics.

It has long been held, that there are 12, two-thousand year long Ages, in the approximately 25,800 year long period, known as the "Precession of the Equinoxes." Each two-thousand year period delivers a different lesson or example of our spiritual makeup. We, as human beings, are burdened with learning each lesson, even though they are for "Planetary Consciousness," of which we are extensions. This is the reason, the period for each lesson, is so long, and nearly impossible for us to learn and retain. Each Age, contains a very specific vibration, that is uniquely different from all other Ages. These vibrations, are world wide, and affect our consciousness in drastic ways, although we may not be fully aware that such a thing is actually happening to us.
To fully understand these vibrations, and how they affect you, is vitally important, because not understanding them, makes us all slaves to them, while gaining an understanding of them, will allow us to work within the lessons, and actually gain great spiritual benefit from them. They also allow us to see our entire future, and the exact nature of each of the 12 Ages.

The lessons revolve around several types of consciousness, at differing levels of understanding.


1.) Physical consciousness

2.) Christ consciousness

3.) Cosmic consciousness

4.) God consciousness

Early philosophers and mystics, at sometime in our past, understood these Ages, and how they affected us. They gave names to each two-thousand year lesson. You know them as names of the Zodiac. They fall into a very specific order, as is found, in the order, of the Sun's Spectrum. (Note that the “Fire Signs” in red, head up each of the three groups.)

EARTH SIGNS - Lowest vibratory (Physical consciousness)

1.) ARIES (Fire)

2.) TAURUS (Earth)

3.) VIRGO (Earth)

4.) CAPRICORN (Earth)

AIR or Mental SIGNS - CENTRAL vibratory (Christ consciousness)

5.) LEO (Fire)

6.) GEMINI (Air)

7.) LIBRA (Air)

8.) AQUARIUS (Air)

WATER or Emotional SIGNS - Highest vibratory (Cosmic consciousness)


10.) CANCER (Water)

11.) SCORPIO (Water)

12.) PISCES (Water)

The order is very important information, for without it, accurate knowledge dealing with the evolution of consciousness cannot be understood.

Information you may have found, studied, or teach, other than the above, concerning the order of the Ages, is just guess work, misunderstood, and handed down by the Greeks. (The old order of the Signs of the Zodiac, are still valid for our birthdays, and should be left in tact. This is an entirely different and valid system based upon Gravitational forces and Magnetic influence, rather than vibrational considerations.)

The lessons, or two-thousand year periods known as "Ages", always starts with the lowest vibrational Age and progress straight up the color spectrum, in a logical progression from Age to Age, stair step fashion, which makes a lot more sense than the jumbled way taught to us today.
The order I propose below, is truly the "New Order of the Ages." (Novus Ordo Seclorum)

For example;

1.) RED (Infrared) Lowest vibrational color




5.) YELLOW (Medium to light yellow)

6.) YELLOW (Dark yellow, also pink)


8.) BLUE




12.) VIOLET (Ultra Violet, sometimes Gray) Highest vibrational color

If you really want to be involved with bringing in the new information, then it is best to try and understand what provided here, else one is just repeating old mistaken information. Understand that the order of the Ages came first. Man's guess work, as to their order, and meaning, came later.

Now that you have something to work with, we can go on to the next level of understanding.

Each two thousand year period, with certain exceptions that I will point out, manifests a person, whose life is an enactment of that particular lesson. These are no ordinary people, and are referred to as, "Avatars."

For example;

The Ages in our current history started with;

Age of ARIES, (not Taurus). Its person or Avatar was probably, Amen-hotep IV (Akh-en-aten)(r. 1352-1336)

Age of TAURUS, (not Aries). Its person or Avatar was MOSES, 1400-1280 BC

Age of VIRGO, (not Pisces). (The Age of Virgins) Its person or Avatar was JESUS, 4-37 AD (Not 1-33 AD)

Age of CAPRICORN (Not the Age of Aquarius) This Age is without an avatar. (2000-4000 AD)

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Curtis Jackson, D.M., (Doctor Of Metaphysics.)

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