A Letter From Kronos

Excerpt Fifty Six

This is an updated note written through me, by "Kronos", an alter ego, if you will.
I have held off sharing it until now.

 Hello, my name is Curtis/Kronos. Before you laugh, let me explain.  I, ("Kronos", which is a name one of your members, and co-founder of Time Travelers, "Lucid", gave to me), am not originally from here, (Earth), so I was not able to reincarnate back into one of my previous incarnations, as your TTO's (Time Traveling Oversouls) do.  I instead, overshadowed a body that was about to be vacated.  I won't get into details, but I was able to "talk" Curtis into allowing me to work through him, via his "remnant Soul", (that part of the Soul which naturally remains in the past, with the Personality), to solve a grave problem existing in the consciousness of humanity.  This "talk" occurred forty six years ago.

Curtis agreed, when I "made him a deal he couldn't refuse."  (We exist in a mode called "Absolute Sonship", for those of you who have studied Hindu occult philosophy, as Curtis has done).

In my "Stellar Body", (which, in TT terms, would be the 7th dimension), I can only work in very general abstractions because I lack the physical brain to store details.  In fact, I am androgynous in this form, being neither male or female. I appear male to Curtis because he is male.  This is because I manifest through him from the inside, not the outside, (which is where the 7th dimension is located. Within you).

I feel it necessary to talk a little about myself, in order to allay some of the skepticism which naturally follows the kind of work found in the "Time Travelers" text.  Only a very few of you who have studied the "Time Travelers Course", have been able to retain much that is meaningful.  This is because the material was meant only for those very few, of whom, I believe you are one.  (Based upon the fact that you are here reading this).  Unlike the "days of old", when such works were cloaked in secrecy, skepticism has now replace the need for secrecy. This makes my work here much easier, since skepticism automatically culls out the "wheat from the chaff".

First off, I am not, by any means, a teacher, especially in trying to explain the unexplainable, or a "savior of any kind.  Think of me as a good Samaritan who has stopped to help you fix a flat tire.  I was asked by your collective consciousness, (I don't know how else to explain it), to see if I could unravel a strange and unique problem that exists here, and has, evidently, existed for eons.

But, I am getting ahead of myself.  Although I am, for lack of a better term, a "Time Lord".  I have a job just like most people on earth do, except I travel from Galaxy to Galaxy instead of to work by car.  (It is funny to me that I can get to work faster than you can using the freeway.)

I am not stuck, in space or time, out in the middle of the universe.  This is because I travel using a "faster than light body".  (It is a body, constructed mentally, out of a perfect combination of light and dark, or for lack of a better term, what you might call a "God Body").  We, my people, learned a long time ago that space travel was not practical due to the immense distances involved. So, we developed in a completely different way, learning how to travel to any place or time instantaneously.

My "job", if one can call it that, because I receive no compensation for what I do other than it being extremely interesting to me, is one of cataloging anomalies in various star systems.  We have a simple barter system, on our physical world, where everyone does what they do, (and love to do), best.  In turn, our physical bodies are provided for, by those who do, and love to do, that best).

I am one of these quiet scientist types who would be just as at home studying insects or rocks.  When I go home, my Mate asks me how my day, "at work", went.  I usually reply that I was observing a most interesting star in a particular Galaxy, or something along that line.  However, encountering the strange and rare anomaly existing here in your time space continuum, my replies have been much more enthusiastic.  I have become quite addicted to this form of problem solving.  I might even seek it out as a career, if this problem exists elsewhere in unlimited space, and, of course, I am successful solving your current problem.

My Mate, upon learning of the potential danger involved, admonished me to "be careful", just as your Mate might do under similar circumstances.


"A Course in Time Travel", seeks to paint a picture of where you are in consciousness, as opposed to where you could be, if things here had progressed in a normal manner.

The problem, as I understand it, is that a time loop has formed here preventing normal progression in consciousness and evolution.
Those of you who studied "A Course in Time Travel", may recall that the "past" still exists in non-linear time, which is self maintaining and perpetual.

To the "Past", the universe, as we perceive it in linear time, could have come and gone many times, and those in the time loop would never be aware of it, so perfectly preserved is the Past.  This is one of the reasons you only have six to eight, or so, thousand years of recorded history as humanity, instead of hundreds of thousands or more.

A time loop is impossible to see and extremely difficult to understand from a linear point of view.  This is why the problem never got solved, because no problem was thought to exist.
Even now, it was a fluke that I stumbled upon your plight.  It is strange that out of unlimited numbers of possible star systems that I could have visited and studied, and unlimited time lines and time frames existing in the past, I happened upon this one.
(Considering that there are no "accidents", perhaps it was not a fluke after all?)

However, a doubt has existed in the collective mind that represents Earths' consciousness via humanity.  This doubt has existed in non-linear time for as long as the problem has existed, but nothing was known about how to solve it or even why it existed in the first place.

Those fledgling "TTOs", (Time Traveling Oversouls), as I understand it, who were not directly involved in the time loop, (although their evolution was directly stopped by it), who tried to affect the loop by dropping back into that time period, out of non-linear time, were never heard from again!
This, of course, discouraged others to follow, and thus, nothing further was done until now.

Please understand that this is not to put me in a superior light in relation to you.  While I have been evolving for eons of time, you have been revolving around and around on the same time track!  Other than that, I am sure we would be on equal footing.

In fact, from what I have observed here, you would probably be much farther along in your development than my people.  The fact that you are such a brilliant race, probably contributed to your current problem.  A less intelligent race wouldn't have been bright enough to get themselves into this predicament in the first place.  LOL


This is where I am supposed to work my problem solving magic and figure a way to help you break out of the time loop.  Although I am pretty good at problem solving, the odds are heavily against me, and I certainly won't be able to start a solution without your help.

I will be lucky to extract myself/Curtis from the problem, let alone you.  I can only show you where we have been, it is up to you, if you dare, to follow in our foot prints.

Thank you,


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