Time Travel

Excerpt Two


           Be patient while reading through these Excerpts. They are designed to subtly deprogram and enhance your sub-conscious 3D grasp of time/space reality. This process takes place whether your conscious mind understands all that it reads or not. Your subconscious/super conscious mind, which does understand, will be eager to absorb this information.

         Although we as Time Travelers usually travel in groups, (as we tend to reincarnate in groups), we belong to no particular race or country. You cannot look at a person who has not yet returned from the future, and tell if they are a potential Traveler (to this time period) or not. There is simply no way of knowing. However, when they do return, they will begin to act differently. Travelers do not always come in at birth. They may "walk in" at any time, during the incarnation.

         Travel into the past is absolutely necessary because it leads to certain essential realizations, that can eventually free one from the limitations of time and space, and facilitate the rediscovery of unimaginably wonderful states of being. This is a natural part of the phenomenon of human metamorphosis.

         You are becoming a Time Traveler through the natural progression of your Soul, experiencing a vast array of possible futures, over many life times. At some point, an astounding realization is made by the Soul, that all futures are degenerative. (Usually a point where there are no more viable futures...) That the primary lesson learned by experiencing the future is, that the act of it somehow violates a fundamental law of balance.

         Although it was necessary for us to experience the future, to create a structure in time, the act of doing so, has taken us far from our actual natural center in time, and has caused us to experience all manner of unseemly realities. It is at this moment of realization that your Soul gladly lets go of the illusion of future/past, and gravitates automatically, to the future and the past, within a previous incarnation. (It is not hard to see evidence of Time Travelers whose balance points were even earlier in this time period.)

         The Soul, by the act of gravitating back in time, knows that it now must exist in its own natural center of time, and begins to achieved a state of spiritual equilibrium within its sentient forms, of neither expectation or dread of the future, (because it has experienced the future) nor by the feelings of remorse or desire for the past. (because it now exists in its past) This point is not selected, but is reached as a natural result of letting go, by the Soul, of the concept of time altogether. (This results in the Soul attempting to remanifest into ALL of its past incarnations.) The reason that "present time", as we know it, may seem so primitive, is because it is.

In our next communication we will begin to tackle the inter dimensional structure. The Fourth Dimension presents a barrier to Time Travel. We can remove that barrier through applied knowledge.


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