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~Secret Knowledge~
(Page Three)


In the second century B.C. the Greek astronomer Hipparchus (190?-?120 B.C.) compared the positions of the principal stars in the zodiac with those which astronomers had noted about a 100 years earlier.  He found that the vernal equinox had shifted westward about 1 degree along the ecliptic.  What he discovered is now called the precession of the equinoxes.

The 26,000 year cycle of the Sun through the heavens corresponded synchronistically with, (in sync with, but not necessarily caused by), earths' Precession of the Equinoxes.  The following definition is currently believed.

"The Earth is not a perfect sphere; it bulges slightly around the equator.  The gravitational attraction of both the Sun and the Moon tries to pull the Earth's equatorial bulge into the Earth's and the Moon's orbital planes.  Acting like a spinning top, the rotating Earth resists this pull.  The result, therefore, of the Sun's and Moon's attraction and the Earth's resistance is that the Earth's axis of rotation moves slowly westward around the pole of the ecliptic". - Encyclopedia Britannica (This phenomenon is also called, "lunisolar force").

Although the above may be true, I, using TT techniques, viewed the Precession of the Equinoxes as probably being caused by an enormous frozen mass of ice hitting the planet, gouging out what is now the Pacific Ocean, long before the beginning of life on our planet, and subsequently providing an environment suitable for life!  The force was strong enough to send a mass of debris into orbit, where it cooled, and through accretion, over a very long period of time, formed what is now our moon.  Because of the Precession, the points of intersection between the celestial equator and the ecliptic shift westward along the ecliptic at a rate of about 50 seconds of arc per year.  There are 3600 seconds in a degree.  (If it were 60 seconds instead of 50 we would get 1 degree in 60 years.

- NASA currently lists 50.3 seconds of arc per year, or one degree in 71.666 years, and a cycle of about 25,800 years duration.  (71.666 * 360(degrees)=25799.76).

Using Time Travel RV techniques, I was led to believe that there is another Age of about 1000 years duration that is sandwiched or hidden in between the end of Sagittarius and the beginning of Cancer.  (See revised order of the Ages, below.)  My excitement grew as I further studied this 1000 year period, for I was becoming convinced that this was no less then the fabled Golden Age called "Zep Tepi" by the ancient Egyptians, or the "Beginning Time", and the same Age modern day Christians are expecting called the "Millennium".  I decided to pursue this line of thought and see where it went.  It would be easy to verify my theory mathematically. This would prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that what I was thinking was true, or it would disprove it altogether, once and for all!
The addition of a 1000, (1032 see below), year period changed the duration of an Age from 2150 years, (25,800 divided by 12, NASA's figures), to 2064 years.  I got this figure by dividing my 25,800 years by 12.5. (12.5 represents the 12 revised 2,064 year Ages, 12*2064 = 24768) + the additional revised 1032 years, (1/2 Age,) for the Millennium, = 25,800).
Each Age would be equal to 2064 years, and the one thousand year Millennium would last about 1032 years.  (12 * 2064 = 2,4768 + 1032 = 25,800)

I must stress the importance of landing exactly at the end of Sagittarius (or the beginning of the Age of Cancer) as the beginning, (and end), of the "Age of White Light", otherwise known as as "Zep Tepi".  
If you are new to the Time Travelers doctrine, I will spend a little time discussing what follows, (See * below, at the bottom of this page.) so you will have some idea of what is being said.  Mind you, it would be better to actually study the Excerpts called, The 12 Faces of God

 The reason we cannot see or really understand Zep Tepi is because it is a temporary "multi-dimensional" white light Age that is made up of all the signs of the zodiac, and all of the Ages of the Solar System, all being viewed and experienced simultaneously.  This is the extraordinary quality of "Zep Tepi", a millennium of white light, and we know it, from our studies, (A Course in Time Travel), as the 7th dimension!  A true representation of Zep Tepi would have to show the entire pie chart as being temporarily white for a period of one thousand and thirty two years!

I have established that the end of the White Light Age (Zep Tepi) was the end of the "Age of Sagittarius" and the beginning of the "Age of Cancer".  This is FIVE complete Ages counting backward from the birth of Christ.  (See Revised Order of the Ages).
The reason why five Ages is so important, is because 5 times 2,064 years, the length of an Age, equals 10,320 B.C., which is, according to my calculations, the official end of the Age of Zep Tepi, 80 years after the finish of construction for the Great Pyrimid at Giza, in 10,400 BC.
If we look at the revised chart, we can count backwards five Ages starting with the beginning of Virgo, which is the "year one", denoting the birth of Christ.  From there we can count back to the beginning of Taurus, and then to the beginning of Aries, at the top of the chart.  This is two complete Ages.  Next, we need to go clear to the bottom of the chart, and find the end of Pisces, and count three more Ages.  The beginning of Pisces, would be number three, to the beginning of Scorpio, which is number four, to the beginning of Cancer, (or the end of Sagittarius), which is the fifth Age, giving us five complete Ages.  We have achieved our goal of reaching the line separating Cancer and Sagittarius, where I believe the beginning and end of "Zep Tepi", is located.

(If we multiply 5 (number of Ages) by 2064 (duration of an Age), we get (5*2064 = 10,320)or 10,320 B.C..  10320 BC is the official end of the Age of Zep Tepi, 80 years after the finish of construction for the Great Pyrimid at Giza, in 10,400 BC.  I believe the Atlanteans meant the completion date of the Great Giza complex, to coincide with the end of Zep Tepi as a talisman to mark the end of that great Age.

The ancient Egyptians referred to a remote Golden Age they called "Zep Tepi", the "First Time" of Osiris, which they believed had long predated the Pyramid Age.  Osiris was "Orion", and the Great Pyramid had a shaft directed to Orion at the meridian, at that time.

Edgar Cayce had said during trance......"The Great Pyramid of Gizeh was one hundred years in the building: from 10,490 to 10,390 B.C.,  (my figures show 10,320 B.C., just a scant 70 years after the Pyramid was finish, in 10,390 B.C. date given by Cayce)..........."  In all that we have considered in these lessons, this is a rather "hair raising' bit of coincidence to say the least.

My arriving at this date, so far back in our history, is dependent on many interrelating factors (as you have seen) all working together, each entirely dependent on the next.
First, we have Edgar Cayce pinpointing the final sinking of Atlantis as happening somewhere around 10,500 BC. And the completion of the Great pyramid at Giza, in 10,390.
Secondly, Robert Bauval, "The Orion Mystery") pin pointing 10,450 BC., as the only period when the BELT OF ORION was positioned in the night sky over the Great Pyramids in perfect alignment, giving strong evidence to support the theory that construction of the Giza complex started at that time. And my findings, that the Great pyramid was completed around 10,320 B.C..
One mistake in any of these independent findings, and I could have been off by thousands of years.  I think you will agree with me that the odds of this happening are quite high!..

(See Diagram ...Chart showing starting dates for each Age.  These dates have been rounded off.)
Note that on the chart, we are exactly half way around the chart. The Egyptians were very big on mirror images. This, combined with the approaching, 2012 date, that some are calling the "End Times," or the "End of the World." And the end of the Mayan calendar. Keep this in mind when we discuss 2012.

In conclusion, it is my belief that human consciousness can experience a state of white light when a sufficient "letting go" occurs.  I believe that such a "letting go" occurred in 11440 BC, (the beginning of the Age of White Light), (that was available to anyone who was advanced enough to experience it), and will not occur again until the year 14,560 AD. (  I further believe that this "state of white light" continuously exists as a non-linear event just below the surface of our linear 3d reality, patiently waiting for our discovery of it.  In fact, the secret techniques for doing so is the crux of the TT text.

This concludes the "Secret Knowledge" section.  I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had sharing it with you.

Curtis --

* We have studied what is called the "12 Chakra System", which was revealed to me through the study of light.  I first started studying white light, under the guidance of my "Inner Being", when I was 22.  (I am now 69 in 2006).  (The traditional 7 chakra system, is based upon the octave).  (The 12 chakra system is based upon spectrum of white light).  The 12 chakras are listed as follows, including their respective Signs of the Zodiac, and respective Planets.  In this system, nine of the signs are associated with the nine planets, and the Three Fire Signs are related to the three major qualities of the Sun.  (This is the reason they were originally called Fire Signs).

Starting from the outside and working inwards;
  1.  The Physical Body, Chakra=coccyx, color, brown.  (Taurus)
  2.  The Lower Etheric Body, Chakra=Pubic Center, Color=Infra red, (Men), Burgundy, (Women).  (Virgo).
  3.  The Upper Etheric Body, Chakra=Splenic Center, Color=Orange.  (Capricorn)
  4.  Mental Body, Chakra=Lower Solar Plexus Center, Color=Bright Yellow.  (Leo)
  5.  Lower Mental Body, Chakra=Upper Solar Plexus, Color=Muddy Yellow, (Usually Men) and Pink.  (Usually Women).  (Gemini)
  6.  Upper Mental Body, Chakra=Heart Center, Color=All Shades of Green.  (Libra)
  7.  Intuitive Body, Chakra=Throat Center, Color=All Shades of Blue.  (Aquarius)
  8.  Spiritual Body, Chakra=Mouth Center, Color=Indigo.  (Sagittarius)
  9.  Volitional Body, Chakra=Between the Eyes Center, (Third Eye) Color=Purple/White.  (Cancer)
  10.  Cognitive Body, Chakra=Crown Center, Color=Violet.  (Scorpio)
  11.  Prudent Body, Chakra=Top of the Head Center, Color=Ultra Violet.  (Pisces)
     (See Chart)  Showing The Wheel of Consciousness.
The reason we show only 11 Chakras is because Virgo is actually the Female Sexual Center, while Aries is the Male Sexual Center.(See Chart) Showing The Basic Differences Between Man and Women.  The actual differences can vary greatly, even to the reversal, of what is shown.


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