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For the next piece of our puzzle, I will attempt to establish that the White Light state found to exist within the psyche of a Human Being (highest level of Nirvana) also exists within the span of the Ages. I will show that not only does it exist, but that it exists at the exact same equivalent place within the linear structure of the Ages as it does within the body of a Human Being.....and for exactly the same reasons.

That a state of enlightenment exists has been verified by many Mystics, from many lands. It is the claim that a White Light state exists at the Third Eye, a place located at the Between the Brows Center". It is further claimed that this center, when entered by the Soul, is a place of "ineffable" ecstasy and enlightenment. Among its many names, the one we are probably most familiar with is Nirvana (or Seventh Heaven). It is achieved by the Mystic, through a meditative system of moving up through each center within the body, until the Third Eye is reached. Other systems start by concentrating upon the Third Eye and proceeding towards it.

Each center contains a major mystical lesson of life, that must be mastered and transcended. Near the end of the journey, the student must pass through a terrible place of darkness and dread, where every vestige of self must be shed. If the practitioner can overcome the mortal terror of this place, while drifting with complete faith, until what seems like forever, he (she) is then rewarded with an overwhelming state of ecstasy, enveloped by an ocean of liquid white light. (The author has verified this).

Let us do a little detective work. Our aim here is to show that the new system, of the order of the Ages, works in at least two verifiable places. We have seen one, in locating the exact placement of the Age of Virgo. Now we are going to try to find the other.


  1. The key to the puzzle is the fact that the white light state is at the Third Eye, located at the Between the Brow Center.

  2. The next clue is that the Soul is traveling through the centers of the body in an upward direction.

  3. The last clue is that it travels through "a terrible place of darkness and dread, where every vestige of self must be shed." What single sign of the zodiac is almost black? Right, Sagittarius, which is indigo, and located at the "Mouth Center". In our system, Sagittarius is the sign directly before the sign of Cancer. Cancer, is the between the Brow Center.

(See Diagram...Chakras)
This, of course, would be the exact place in the order of the Ages that the Age of White Light is located, sandwiched between the end of Sagittarius and the beginning of Cancer. If this is true, (that a direct correlation exists between the centers of the body "Microcosm" and the events that happen over the 26,000 year period comprising the Ages, "Macrocosm"), then there might still be some evidence left in our world cultures to show that a one thousand year age of white light did exist. It was an age where almost anything was possible. To find this evidence was the next step in solving our puzzle.

The White Light phenomenon occurs within the Human body and within the World Ages, for exactly the same reasons. I refer to this phenomenon as Inadvertent White Light. It occurs because it will always occur when a complete letting go (for a sufficient duration) happens within Human consciousness. It allows the experiencer to experience a non-sequential time event (referred to as the Seventh Dimension in "A Course in Multi-dimensional Consciousness"), as a sequential time event, (i.e. three Dimensional time.) It is more than apparent to me that the World Lessons are structured to give a taste of each state of consciousness (like a giant 26,000 year long sampler), without actually giving you the real thing. Along with the White Light experience there is the feeling and belief that you have accomplished something exceedingly wonderful on a permanent basis. When the gradual attrition into lesser states of consciousness are finally realized, the experiencer cannot understand why this is happening. The reason the White Light state cannot be maintained is due to the flywheel effect of the forward motion generated by three dimensional time. In other words, "you can't get there from here", at least not in that way.

To find the next piece of the puzzle, using Time Travel techniques, I was prompted to travel to a time more than twelve thousand years into the past. This was accomplished using what I call "TT", (Time Travel), techniques. This is a method consisting of a combination of "Etheric Projection", "Remote Viewing", and "Dream Control". Over a period of several years of intense investigation, I was able to gather together a perplexing and yet convincing array of evidence that made clear to me that a one thousand year Age of Enlightenment had existed from about 11,500 BC. to about 10,400 BC., that far exceeded, in excellence and quality, all of my expectations. I gradually began to realize that this thousand year period was nothing less than the "Age of White Light" or "Golden Age" known as the "Millennium". A time the Egyptians called "Zep Tepi" The "Beginning Time."
The major reason this was so perplexing to me, was do to the belief that there had been no technologically advanced civilizations in prehistoric times. What I found indicated not only that they were technologically and spiritually advanced, but that they were incredibly far more advanced then we are today.

It soon became evident that a great tragedy had taken place that destroyed this advanced civilization. (probably by rising ocean waters due to melting ice at the end of the ice age) As the continent began to sink, large scale volcanic action ripped the cities apart, as magma was forced up through the surface. (according to Edgar Cayce, the final sinking happened somewhere around 10,500 BC.) A remnant of this advanced civilization escaped to what is now known as Egypt. (There is evidence that other groups scattered to other parts of the world.) They gathered at what we now call the Giza plateau in northern Egypt. They were drawn to this place because of its geographical location. They may have brought with them, (what I believe to be), several antigravity devices. With these devises they would have been able to construct the Giza Complex containing the great pyramids, by rendering the huge blocks of stone temporarily weightless. Many of the blocks that were carved out of the Sphinx weighed in excess of 70 tons. They were relocated and raised to impressive heights to form the temple complex. This would be like trying to put a locomotive on top of a two story building.

I believe that remnants of several of these larger antigravity devices may still exist. One, I believe, may be located in the area of the Atlantic known as the Devils Triangle. (There may be another located in the "Great Lakes" region of the U.S.) The other I believe to be located beneath the largest of the Great Pyramids at Giza. These devices (if located directly over them) would undoubtedly confuse a north seeking electronic compass that is in use on most aircraft today, causing the compass to spin in circles, as has been reported on more that several occasions. The device in the Devils Triangle might be responsible for the strange gravitational anomalies reported there. (There may be several other places around the world as well where these devises, if they do exist, may be found.) (I speculate that to create such a device, using, what I believe to be unipolar technology, one would have to be in the weightless state found in outer space, similar to the way the earth developed its gravitational structure as it cooled.) Many believe, (and there is mounting evidence) that it was during this time, (when it was realized all of the wonderful knowledge of Atlantis would probably be lost), that the original Great Pyramid Complex at Giza was built as a monument or talisman to mark the end of that great Millennia, and to remind man of the knowledge contained in that enlightened age. Notice (in the photograph below) the offset of the smallest star (Mintaka) in the Belt of Orion. By going back in time, astronomers (See Robert Bauval, "The Orion Mystery") pin pointed 10,450 BC., as the only period when the BELT OF ORION was positioned in the night sky over the Great Pyramids in perfect alignment, giving strong evidence to support the theory that construction of the Giza complex started at that time.

(See photograph of Belt of Orion)
(See Diagram...Aerial photograph of Giza Complex)
Robert Bauval, is the Author of several excellent books on the Sphinx, ("The Orion Mystery", and his latest book, with co-author Graham Hancock, "Keeper of Genesis"), presents compelling evidence that the Sphinx may have been built many thousands of years earlier than thought by modern Egyptologists...10,500 BC.). Mr. Bauval is not completely convinced that the Great Pyramids at Giza were built at the same time as the Sphinx, because there is not the same obvious vertical erosion caused by torrential rains those many thousands of years ago. However, I am convinced by my findings that at least the largest of the three Pyramids and the Sphinx, were constructed at this time, and the blueprint for the complete Giza Complex, including the exact placement and dimensions of the Pyramids, was established. If the two smaller pyramids were not finished at that time it may have been because of time constraints due to the lack of a second and third of the larger antigravity devices, similar to the one I believe to be under the largest pyramid. Evidently it was necessary to place the device below the base of the pyramid to be able to properly interact with the smaller devices. Once the pyramid was finished, it would have been next to impossible to recover the device. I also speculate that there may have been extensive damage to the pyramids, caused by the same torrential rains that damaged the Sphinx, to the degree that they had long been in ruin when they were finally rebuilt starting 2500 BC., during the fourth dynasty.

The world famous, and very respected earth quake predictor, and Futurist, Gordon Michael Scallion, whose predictions are reportedly 87% accurate, has a series in his news letter, entitled The Great Hall of Records, from his Ancient Civilizations part II. The following is a partial quote. "As early as 1979, I began receiving images of ancient civilizations and time capsules being placed in archives for a future time. I had no idea what I was seeing. A few years, and hundreds of visions later, I discovered I was traveling back in history to a time when civilization was highly advanced, in many ways beyond where we are today. It was a time when spiritual masters were upon the planet. Many heard the calling and together, those of like minds traveled to northern Egypt--Giza, and there worked together to build a community that would exemplify belief systems on all levels--body, mind, and spirit. The time frame of these people was some 12,500 years ago. (10,500 BC.) A highly spiritualized time period when science, mathematics, and God were not seen as separate but one in the same. The people knew that the Earth would soon go through major cataclysmic Earth changes."..... Notice that he mentions 12,500 years ago. Although he does not mention the pyramids as being built at that time, he does establish these people gathering at Giza, where the complex containing the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx is now located. He also presents strong indications that this was an extraordinary and enlightened Age. He does, in this same article, later confirm that the Great Pyramid began construction at this time.

I quote again from Mr. Scallion . "As construction was under way at the plateau, not only on the Great Hall, but multiple projects were under construction, such as, The Great Pyramid, the channels below the Sphinx, and various depositories that were to house its history....." (End of quote.)


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