In response to many requests for a "bottom line" set of simple instructions for achieving enlightenment,
I have come up with this set of instructions.
I hope they serve you well.

    "Learn, dare, do, keep silent!" And I would add, be ever patient and secretly neutral to all things. Act outwardly as a man or woman, driven by desire, to acquire everything in life that you want could possibly want, but inwardly remain calm and untouched by desire, and absolutely neutral to success. This balance is the secret to absolute power! Power without karma or opposition, for you pay as you go! And so it is with your approach to your Residual Soul. Be ever desiring mergence and liberation above all else, but remain absolutely neutral and serene as to when or how fast this occurs, or if it ever occurs at all, for to do otherwise, will just serve to delay your progress.

    1. Seek the void, for out of it comes the light from within you.  The light is your Inner Most Being, at its lowest level that it can descend, without your help.

    2. While seeking the void, go about your daily affairs as is normal for you.  You need not change anything in your daily routine. Pray only for knowledge of Its will for you, and the ability to manifest it.  Remember that it is your Soul who is in charge, not you! (**See excerpts; 22-29)

    3. Turn your life and your will over to the care of your Inner Most Being.  To do less, will not work.

    4. Once you have accessed the void, it will manifest as serenity.  Avoid, emotionally and mentally, any conflicts that detract from your serenity.  Put your opinions on hold!

    5. Avoid resentment and blame, these are death to your efforts.

    6. Go only fifty percent in all of your relationships.  To go further robs the other from going their fifty percent, and sabotages your emotions.

    8. Know that the transition is gradual.   Expect nothing in the beginning.  Others will notice the change before you will.

    9. More light will begin to radiate out from you in subtle ways, as your Soul gains in power.  Your tolerance and patience will gradually increase.

  10. Stay neutral to all outside issues.

  11. Understand that people are lost and afraid, and are seeking understanding of reality, just as you are.  Arguing with them accomplishes less than nothing.

  12. Avoid wanting to save anyone!  You will be lucky to save yourself.

  13. You will begin to feel love and understanding for your fellow beings.  It is feint at first, but will grow ever stronger over time.

  14. Most of all, stay out of the way.  If you regain control, you will automatically lose the immediate influence of your Soul!

  15. Remember, that once you gain the attention of your Inner Most Being, it will remain with you, whether you are pulled into the time loop or not.  (There is a time loop that formed in the year 2012.  With work, you will avoid it.)

  16. The bond will strengthen from now on, until the metamorphic change has occurred.  The change is unmistakable!  It is far greater than you or your Inner Most Being, alone.  It manifests in Universal time and space. In fact, this has already occurred outside of time and space as you know it, you are just following the thread to it, in keeping with the universal evolutionary plan for us.

  17. The time and space you are now experiencing, is but a minuscule part of what you will eventually experience, and become.

  18. You are the sum total of all of your lifetimes.   In order to experience the gestalt of that, you need to let go of your current lifetime beliefs, while not drawing attention to yourself.

  19. It is better not to say anything to anyone about this.  If they are curious about the changes in you, direct them to this Website, or show them these instructions.

  20. In your nightly prayers, call out to your Inner Most Being, announcing your readiness for Its merger with you. But, be always patient.

  21. Excepting procreation, nothing you can do, is more important than merging with your Inner Most Being,!

  22. A word to the wise.  It is important to understand, that to others, you appear the same in what you say and do.  To do otherwise may garner undue concern or resentment.

  23. Read these simple instructions often.

  23. Let your light shine out of its own accord.  Others will seek you out because of it, for their Inner Most Beings, wish to manifest through them as well.

I cannot really help you in this, except point the way.  I am a fellow traveler just like you.
With love, on your journey,


*Openeye Meditation
**Excerpt 22

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