(Understand that the Personality, (You), along with something called your "Remnant Soul," is destined to forever repeat your current lifetime, word for word, and action for action, until you have merged with your Residual Soul, under the direction of your Over Soul, or (TTO), which is what the Soul becomes, after it has passed through all of its incarnations.
In order for the Oversoul to continue its evolution, it must re-educate each Residual Soul, existing in its many previous lifetimes. It is then left to each individual Residual Soul, to re-educate its respective personality. There is a divine reason behind all of this, and that is to provide a nursery for new Souls, of which you are on your way to becoming.)

I have provided some basic information below, that will help establish certain necessary facts, as background, in case you have not studied the Time Travelers Tenets.

It has long been held, that there are 12, two-thousand year long Ages, in the approximately 25,800 year long period, known as the "Precession of the Equinoxes." See; CRACKING THE MATRIX CODE

Each two-thousand year period delivers a different lesson or example of our spiritual makeup. We, as human beings, are burdened with learning each lesson, even though they are for "Planetary Consciousness," of which we are extensions. This is the reason, the period for each lesson, is so long, and nearly impossible for us to learn and retain. Each Age, contains a very specific vibration, that is uniquely different from all other Ages. These vibrations, are world wide, and affect our consciousness in drastic ways, although we may not be fully aware that such a thing is actually happening to us.

To fully understand these vibrations, and how they affect you, is vitally important, because not understanding them, makes us all slaves to them, while gaining an understanding of them, will allow us to work within the lessons, and actually gain great spiritual benefit from them. They also allow us to see our entire future, and the exact nature of each of the 12 Ages.

The lessons revolve around several types of consciousness, at differing levels of understanding.


1.) Physical consciousness

2.) Christ consciousness

3.) Cosmic consciousness

4.) God consciousness

Early philosophers and mystics, at sometime in our past, understood these Ages, and how they affected us. They gave names to each two-thousand year lesson. You know them as names of the Zodiac. They fall into a very specific order, as is found, in the order, of the Sun's Spectrum. (Note that the “Fire Signs” in red, head up each of the three groups.)

EARTH SIGNS - Lowest vibratory (Physical consciousness)

1.) ARIES (Fire)

2.) TAURUS (Earth)

3.) VIRGO (Earth)

4.) CAPRICORN (Earth)

AIR or Mental SIGNS - CENTRAL vibratory (Christ consciousness)

5.) LEO (Fire)

6.) GEMINI (Air)

7.) LIBRA (Air)

8.) AQUARIUS (Air)

WATER or Emotional SIGNS - Highest vibratory (Cosmic consciousness)


10.) CANCER (Water)

11.) SCORPIO (Water)

12.) PISCES (Water)

The order is very important information, for without it, knowledge dealing with the evolution of consciousness cannot be understood.

Information you may have found, or studied, other than the above, is most likely, just guess work,(which seems to be the accepted method for ascertaining new information, within current metaphysical circles.) (The Greeks screwed this up! lol.)

The lessons, or two-thousand year periods known as "Ages", always starts with the lowest vibrational Age, and progress straight up the color spectrum, in a logical progression from Age to Age, stair step fashion, which makes a lot more sense than the jumbled way taught to us today.
The order I propose below, is truly the "New Order of the Ages." (Novus Ordo Seclorum)

For example;

1.) RED (Infrared) Lowest vibrational color




5.) YELLOW (Medium to light yellow)

6.) YELLOW (Dark yellow, also pink)


8.) BLUE




12.) VIOLET (Ultra Violet, sometimes Gray) Highest vibrational color

Each color's number relates directly to the same number of the a corresponding Sign.

For example #1 RED = #1 ARIES, #2 BROWN = #2 TAURUS,   etc.

It is best to try and understand the information provided here, else one is just making "educated" guesses. Understand that the order of the Ages, came first. Man's guess work, as to their order, and meaning, came later.

Now that you have something to work with, we can go on to the next level of understanding.

Each two thousand year period, with certain exceptions, that I will point out, manifests a person, whose life is an enactment of that particular lesson. These are no ordinary people, and are referred to as, "Avatars."

For example;

The Ages in our current history started with;

Age of ARIES, (not Taurus). Its person or Avatar was probably, Amen-hotep IV (Akh-en-aten)(r. 1352-1336)

Age of TAURUS, (not Aries). Its person or Avatar was MOSES, 1400-1280 BC

Age of VIRGO, (not Pisces). (The Age of Virgins) Its person or Avatar was JESUS, 4-37 AD (Not 1-33 AD)

Age of CAPRICORN (Not the Age of Aquarius) This Age is without an avatar. (2000-4000 AD)

Next, we can proceed to the next lesson, and current breakthrough.

Below, are listed; The past, just past, current, and immediate future, configurations of consciousness, for the evolution of Humanity, on the current time line.


1.) Configuration at the beginning of our current history. (The Age of Aries) 4,000 BC - 2,000 BC (Since this period started just six thousand years ago, it might give some credence to creationists, who claim that the earth was created six thousand years ago.)

To move, physically, into the First Dimension. (The Physical Body)

To move, spiritually, into the Third Dimension. (Emotional Power)

Conditions or traits=Survival of the physical body, emotionality, (Physical Consciousness.)

Lessons to be learned=physical/emotional control and balance.

These are Physical structures within consciousness, and deal with Physical consciousness on the first level.


2.) The Age of Taurus) 2,000 BC - One BC

To continue to move, physically, into the First dimension.

To move, spiritually, into the Forth dimension. (Emotions, or Lower Ego)

These are beginning structures, within the nature of human consciousness, still dealing with Physical/emotional concepts.

Conditions or traits=Imbalance, Conflict, opposition,

Can be done without help from the Oversoul.

Lessons to be learned=discrimination, physical and emotional balance.


3.) Current configuration just ending. (The Age of Virgo, NOT the Age of Pisces!) One AD - 2,000 AD

To move, physically, into the Second Dimension. (Physical Center, or Personality)

To move, spiritually, into the Fifth dimension. (Accessing the Spiritual Center for Christ Consciousness.)

Conditions or traits=Seeking Balance, in a condition of perpetual imbalance. (First levels of Christ Consciousness.)
Emphasis on the mind, and thinking.


4.) Current configuration just beginning. (The Age of Capricorn, NOT the Age of Aquarius!) 2,000 AD - 4,000 AD. (Please notice the huge jump in vibration, between the Burgundy of the previous Age, and the Orange of the current Age, just beginning.

To move, physically, into the Third dimension. (Physical Power Structure)

To move, spiritually, into the Sixth dimension. (Accessing the Void, Emotional Serenity)

Conditions or traits=Balance, Harmony, Power or accomplishment, without opposition. (Cosmic Consciousness)

Usually cannot be done without help from the re-educated Residual soul.

Lessons to be learned=physical accomplishment, harmony, serenity, surrender to a higher power.


5.) Configuration after the current one. (Age of Leo) 4,000 AD - 6,000 AD

To move, physically, into the Fourth dimension. (Physical Liberation, combining the best of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, which when perfectly balanced and transcended, equal the fifth dimension, a white light state.)

To move, spiritually, into the Seventh dimension. (Bliss, the lowest level of the God Head.)

Conditions or traits=Bliss, physical enlightenment, physical rejuvenation. (God Consciousness)

Can not be done, by the Personality/Soul combination, other than temporarily, can only be achieved on a permanent basis, through a very specific metamorphoses' by the Oversoul, through the “residual” Soul, and the personality! (This is the point of all of the lessons, to this point.)

Lessons to be learned=transcendence, metamorphosis, enlightenment, universality.
Understand that all of the above happens within the first five Ages, the first four are called the "Dark Ages." The Age of "Leo," begins the Middle Ages, repeating the previous lessons, but on an entirely new level.

 Thank you for taking the time to look this over. I know that there is a lot to digest, and most of it quite foreign to what you might have learned, or teach.

Understand That each new Age, brings new vibrations, and attendant lessons, and those who are available to decipher the information, and pass it along to whoever is interested.

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